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Questions and Answers about Disability Employment

QUESTION: Do individuals with disabilities have the right skills for business?

ANSWER: Individuals with disabilities often bring important skills sets to the business world, such as perseverance, determination, and goal setting. They also, frequently, receive extra training to make them even more desirable to the business community.

QUESTION: Will supports in the workplace be too costly?

ANSWER: These individuals actually save employers from costs in the areas of occupational health and safety, recruitment and training and are just as productive as mainstream employees.

QUESTION: Will saying the wrong thing in the workplace upset them?

ANSWER: In this day and age saying the "wrong thing" could upset anyone. However, companies with a culture of inclusion are better placed to do business than companies who don't have such a policy and culture.

QUESTION: Will their co-workers feel uncomfortable and have their productivity drop away?

ANSWER: A co-worker who works hard and does his job well will earn the respect and acceptance from their co-workers regardless of their perceived limitations. Furthermore, the worker in question gains increased self-esteem and social confidence as they make friends at work and experience a sense of being part of a productive workforce.

QUESTIONS: Isn't getting information on how to hire them difficult and time-consuming?

ANSWER: Partnering with community rehabilitation provider creates access to the community, employer education, and supports through job coaching to secure stable long term employment

QUESTION: Will hiring them result in reduced profits?

ANSWER: The wider community, who make up the customer base of the business community, are much more appreciative of businesses whose workforce is representative of the customer base and are more likely to give them their business.