"Service First, Results Will Follow!"

Camden, Camden & Associates Service Delivery System

From Intake to Placement

Camden, Camden & Associates Process Flow Chart

Please note the EMPLOYMENT PROCESS in this flow chart, as Camden, Camden & Associates is implementing a departmental approach to consumer services, with the expectation(s) that it will improve efficiency and employment outcomes.

INTAKE & REPORT DEPARTMENT - This process includes:

  • Referral
  • Scheduling
  • Three (2) SEA meetings
  • Complete SEA report within two (2) weeks of referral unless otherwise authorized by Director
  • SESP 1 meeting
  • Forward all reports to APPLICATION & RESUME DEPARTMENT


APPLICATION & RESUME DEPARTMENT - This process includes:

  • Fill out consumer 'Job Search' log
  • Develop resume & cover letter(s) as needed
  • Submit online & hard-copy applications
  • Take psychological/personality screening(s)
  • Document application/screening progress in 'Job Search' log
  • Contact consumer with update
  • Forward job search information to FIELD DEPARTMENT


FIELD DEPARTMENT - This process includes:

  • Submit TWC/VRC update in regards to application(s)
  • Contact business/employer for application follow-up
  • Contact consumer with update and/or interview date & time
  • Document VRC & consumer contact(s) in 'Job Search' log/consumer file
    • Submit placement information to INTAKE & REPORT DEPARTMENT
      • Consumer information
      • Employer information
      • Job Description
      • Employment Start Date
    • Assign Job Coach and/or Career Specialist to work-site
    • Complete Placement Report and Submit to VRC


FIELD DEPARTMENT - This process includes:

  • Includes all business/employer contacts to follow-up on applications, resumes, and to inquire about current opening(s)
    • Contact(s) should include face-to-face as primary method, with phone being used only in situations deemed in the best interest of the business relationship & placement process
  • Submit VRC daily updates
  • Contact consumer(s) with updates, to coordinate mock-interviews, and to arrange pick-up date/time for interviews